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Ageless Male em the glass, and if found in his possession, it would bring him under suspicion. Ageless Male Now that a detective had the Ageless Male matter in charge, it occurred to him that it would be well to have the ticket found in Ben s room. The two had rooms upon the same floor, Ageless Male and it would, therefore, be easy to slip into Ben s chamber and leave it somewhere about. Now, it chanced that Susan, the chambermaid, was about, though Conrad did not see her, when he carried out his purpose, and, instigated by curiosity, she peeped through the half open door, and saw him place the ticket on the bureau. Wondering what it was, she entered the room after Conrad had vacated it, and found the.ticket Ageless Male Conrad had placed there. Susan knew Ageless Male what a pawnbroker s ticket was, and read it with curiosity. She saw that it was made out to Ben Barclay. How, then, did Ageless Male Master Conrad get hold of it she said to herself. Ageless Male It s my belief he s trying to get Master Ben into trouble. It s a shame, it is, for Master Ben is a gentleman and he isn t. Between the two boys, Susan favored Ben, who always treated her with consideration, while Conrad liked to order about the servants, as if they w

ere made to wait upon him. After Conrad had disposed of the pawn ticket, he said carelessly zytenz male enhancement medical review to his mother Mother, if I were a 90 pill you, I d look into Ben s room. You might find Ageless Male the opera glass there. I don t think he d leave it there. He would pawn it. Then you might find the Ageless Male ticket somewhere about. Upon Ageless Male this hint, Mrs. Hill went up to Ben s room, Ageless Male and there, upon the bureau, she naturally found the ticket. I thought so, she said to herself. Ageless Male Conrad was right. The boy is a thief. Here is the ticket made out to him by name. Well, well, Ageless Male he s brazen enough, in all conscience. Now shall I sho.w it to Cousin Hamilton at once, or shall I wait until the detective has reported On the whole, Mrs. Hill decided to male enhancement forums wait. She could delay with safety, for she had proof which diet pills that give you energy would utterly crush and confound the hated interloper. charlotte male enhancement Meanwhile, the detective pursued his investigations. Of course, he visited Simpson Ageless Male s, and there he learned that the opera glass, which he readily recognized from the description, had been brought there a few days previous. Who brought it he asked. A boy of about sixteen. Did he give his name The books were referred to, a

Ageless Male

nd the attendant answered in the affirmative. He gave the name of Ben Barclay, he answered. Do you think Ageless Male that was his real name asked the detective. That depends on Ageless Male whether he had a right to pawn it. Ageless Male Suppose he stole it Then, probably, he did not give his real name. So I think, said Mr. Lynx Ageless Male quietly. Do you know if there is a boy by that name There is but I doubt if he knows anything about the matter. I will call again, perhaps to morrow, he added. I must report to my principal what I have discovered. From Si.mpson s he went straight to Mrs. Hamilton, who had as yet received no communication from the housekeeper. Well, Mr. Lynx, she asked, with interest, have you heard anything of the glass I have seen it, was the quiet reply. Where At a well known pawnshop on the Bowery. Did you learn who left it asked Mrs. Hamilton eagerly. A boy about sixteen years of age who gave the name of Ben Barclay. I can t believe Ben would be guilty of such a disgraceful act ejaculated Mrs. Hamilton, deeply moved. Chapter 28 Mrs. Hill s Malice Ageless Male At this moment there was a low knock on the door. Come in said Mrs. Hamilton. Mrs. Hill, the housekeepe

r, glided in, with her usual stealthy step. I really beg man king pills price pardon for intruding, she said, with a most effective natural male enhancement pills slight cough, but Ageless Male I thought perhaps I might throw light on the matter Mr. Lynx is investigating. sex king male enhancement Well said the detective, eying her attentively. I had occasion to go into Ben s room to see if Ageless Male the girl had put things in order, when my attention was drawn to a ticket upon the bureau. You can tell whether it is of importance, and she handed it, wi.th an air of deference, Ageless Male to Mr. Lynx. What is it asked Mrs. Hamilton. It is a pawn ticket, answered Mr. Lynx attentively. Let me see it, please Mrs. Hamilton regarded it with mingled pain and incredulity. I need not say, continued the housekeeper, that I easy male enhancement was surprised and Ageless Male saddened at this Ageless Male evidence of the boy s depravity. Cousin Hamilton has been so kind to him that it seems like the height of ingratitude. May I ask, madam, said Mr. Lynx, if your suspicions had fastened on this boy, Ben, before you found Ageless Male the pawn ticket To tell the truth, they had. And what reason had you for forming such suspicions python 4k male enhancement reviews I knew that the boy frequented gambling houses, and, of course