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All Natural Male Enhancement rteen Pg 75 hundred times larger than our Earth, and have observed the black spots upon its surface, and the transit of its moons. All Natural Male Enhancement The grand spectacle of Saturn and its rings is brought to my observation with remarkable clearness. I All Natural Male Enhancement have so All Natural Male Enhancement frequently looked into the dismal caverns and upon the towering mountains of our satellite, the Moon, that its marks and bounds are as familiar to me as the neighboring hills. But life is short, and amid all this illimitable sea of worlds, I have fixed my attention upon but one, for that special study which my few All Natural Male Enhancement remaining years will permit. The heavenly body which most engages my attention is, excepting our satellite, the nearest one to All Natural Male Enhancement us, our neighboring planet Mars. I believe that body to be inhabited by beings in many respects like those of the earth. My conclusion is adduced from many known facts concerning it. Mars has an atmosphere like ours. Its density does not dif.fer materially from the Earth. The heat it derives from the sun, possibly modified by atmospheric conditions, is quite likely the same as ours. It has zones of varying temperature, and seaso

ns of summer and winter like the Earth. Its days are about the same length as ours. The ice and snow All Natural Male Enhancement of its polar regions are plainly perceptible, and vary Pg All Natural Male Enhancement 76 in arrears All Natural Male Enhancement exactly in accordance with its changing positions and distances from the sun. From which we may male enhancement pills with permanent results infer, without a doubt, that its atmosphere contains moisture of the same chemical composition All Natural Male Enhancement as best natural male enhancement ours, and is condensed into rain and snow as with us. There are striking points of All Natural Male Enhancement difference, however, between Mars and the Earth. Its diameter is a little less than half that of our planet, and its surface is only about a quarter of ours, while its volume is but a seventh part of our globe. Furthermore, instead of a male enhancement pills in korea single satellite like ours it has two moons, which revolve in opposite directions around it, neither of All Natural Male Enhancement which in point of size can be compared to ours. enhancement male pill My knowledge of astronomy not being pr.ofound, it tri steel male enhancement pills has been the greatest pleasure and gratification to me to verify, by my own observations, the calculations and theories of the abler scientists. Appertaining to Mars, it is perhaps needless to All Natural Male Enhancement say that there is a diversity of o

All Natural Male Enhancement

All Natural Male Enhancement pinion among astronomers touching its physical conditions. The unusual red color of its reflected light, its bright and dark spots, and the variation which is observed in the forms overspreading its disc, are differently accounted for. It is among such questions as these, then, that my imagination Pg 77 and ingenuity are free to exercise themselves, and the desire to settle some of these disputed points to All Natural Male Enhancement my own satisfaction increases the All Natural Male Enhancement eagerness of my observation. I have watched for many years, with anticipations of pleasure, when Mars would be in opposition, or in other words, when, during its revolution upon its orbit, it comes nearest to the Earth. These occurrences of about every two years are holidays of pleasure and enjoyment to me. There are, however, rarer oppositions of Mars, which occur only twice in All Natural Male Enhancement a c.entury, when the distance between us is reduced to the smallest limit and it has been my good All Natural Male Enhancement fortune to get a finer view of this heavenly body at this shorter distance than will few human beings at All Natural Male Enhancement present alive. It can well be imagined what a supremely interesting event this was to m

e. Days before its culmination All Natural Male Enhancement did I stinger rx male enhancement watch its progress approaching nearer and nearer to the Earth. Each succeeding night exhibited to me its slowly magnifying best brain health supplements proportions, and the greater distinctness of objects on its surface. All Natural Male Enhancement Here was a world of beings, no doubt, with aims and enterprises like ours, rolling headlong through the heavens with a All Natural Male Enhancement known velocity of All Natural Male Enhancement best ginseng for male enhancement fifty four thousand miles an hour. This planet was now Pg 78 bob male enhancement approaching, hourly, its greatest possible proximity to the Earth. That I should hgh plus testosterone lose All Natural Male Enhancement no time in devouring, as I may say, this unusual spectacle, I had provided my telescope with a kind of clockwork contrivance, by which it exactly kept pace All Natural Male Enhancement with Mars on its westw