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Enhancement Male Pill ere the beginning of cubism. In these there was no african sculpture influence. There was very evidently a Enhancement Male Pill strong C zanne influence, particularly the influence of the late C zanne water colours, the cutting up the sky not in cubes Enhancement Male Pill but in spaces. But the essential thing, the treatment of the houses was essentially spanish and therefore essentially Picasso. In these pictures he first emphasised the way of building in spanish villages, the line of the houses not following the landscape but cutting across and into the landscape, becoming undistinguishable Enhancement Male Pill in the landscape by cutting across the landscape. It was the principle of the camouflage of the guns and the ships in the war. The first year of the war, Picasso and Eve, with whom he was living then, Gertrude Stein and myself, were walking down the boulevard Raspail a cold winter evening. There is nothing.in the Enhancement Male Pill world colder than the Raspail on a cold winter evening, we used to call it the retreat from Moscow. All of a sudden down the street came some Enhancement Male Pill big cannon, the first any of us had seen painted, that is camoufl

aged. Pablo stopped, he was spell bound. C Enhancement Male Pill est nous qui avons fait gnc mens sexual health a, he said, it is we that have created do male enhancement drugs really work that, he said. And he was right, he had. From C zanne through him they had come to that. His foresight was justified. But to go back to the three landscapes. When they were first put up on the wall naturally everybody objected. As it happened he and Fernande had taken some photographs of the triple x male enhancement reviews villages Enhancement Male Pill which he had painted and he had given copies of these photographs to Gertrude Stein. When people said that the few cubes in Enhancement Male Pill the landscapes looked like Enhancement Male Pill nothing but cubes, Gertrude Stein would laugh and say, if you had naturally enhanced objected to these landscapes as being too realistic there would be some point in your objection. And she would red male enhancement pill reviews show them the photographs and really the pictures as she rightly said might be declared to be too photographic a cop.y of nature. Years after Elliot Paul at Enhancement Male Pill Gertrude Stein s suggestion had Enhancement Male Pill a photograph of the painting by Picasso and the photographs of the village reproduced on the same page in Enhancement Male Pill transition and it was extraordinarily interesting

Enhancement Male Pill

. This then was really the beginning of cubism. The colour too was characteristically spanish, the pale silver yellow with the faintest suggestion of green, the colour afterwards so well known in Picasso s cubist pictures, as well as in those of his followers. Gertrude Stein always says that cubism is a purely spanish conception and only spaniards can be cubists and that the only real cubism Enhancement Male Pill Enhancement Male Pill is that of Picasso and Juan Gris. Picasso created it and Enhancement Male Pill Juan Gris permeated it with his clarity and his exaltation. To understand this one has only to read Enhancement Male Pill the life and death of Juan Gris by Gertrude Stein, written upon the death of one of her two dearest friends, Picasso and Enhancement Male Pill Juan Gris, both spaniards. She always says that americans can understand spaniards. That they are the only two western nations that can realise abstraction. That in am.ericans it expresses itself by disembodiedness, in literature and machinery, in Spain by ritual so abstract that it does not connect itself with anything but ritual. I always remember Picasso saying disgustedly apropos of some germans who

said they liked bull fights, they would, he said angrily, they male enhancement and sexual health like bloodshed. To a spaniard it is not bloodshed, it is ritual. Americans, so Gertrude Stein says, are like spaniards, they are abstract and cruel. Enhancement Male Pill They are not brutal Enhancement Male Pill they are cruel. They have niubian male enhancement no close contact with Enhancement Male Pill sex enhancement for male lube the earth such as most male enhancement pills anro9 europeans have. Their materialism is not the materialism of existence, of possession, it is the materialism of action and abstraction. And so cubism is spanish. We were very much struck, the first time Gertrude Stein and I went to Spain, which was a year or so after the beginning of cubism, to see how naturally cubism Enhancement Male Pill was made in Spain. In the shops in Barcelona instead of post cards they had square little frames and inside it was placed Enhancement Male Pill a cigar, a real one, a pipe, a bit of handkerchief etcetera, all absolutely the arr.angement of many a cubist picture and helped out by Enhancement Male Pill cut paper representing other objects. That is the modern Enhancement Male Pill note that in Spain had been done for centuries. Picasso free xanogen in his early cubist pictures used printed letters as did Juan Gris to force the painte