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nside, looking at the crystal in his hand, the heart said This thing looks like a lot of magic.The grade is not low, it should be more than three products.This is a rare treasure on the bloody continent. It is really everywhere.Ye Han s eyes flashed in the eye, and when he was preparing to think deeply, he suddenly felt a huge body.shock Booming More than a dozen geeks smashed into the field around Ye Han s body, madly colliding with the force of Ye Han s field in the field, giving off a harsh explosion.Good to come Ye Han immediately mobilized all the spirits, and withheld the field, blocking the strange bees, but did not kill them.These white crystals shot by these strange bees are now al.so a rare treasure for him, and they are the ice crystal properties they need, they must be collected.756. Chapter 756 Technology Products Although inadvertently still suffered a loss, but Ye Hanxin is still very happy When I turned it around, I realized that there were dozens of strange ice cold crystals in his hand.These things are all baby So he took these crystals into the spa

ce ring that he had won on the unfortunate power that he had hit when he landed on this continent.Originally, he had a space does nokia n95 stil work ring, but later it was rarely used because of the Kowloon Ding.Even if it was thrown into the Kowloon Ding, it could not be taken what are the vaccines for the coronavirus on animals now.So now he is just a poor man. I don t know who made this space ring.It s really inferior. Ye Han snorted helplessly.After the icy crystal was put in, it did not lower the temperature, and even cracked his clothes.At 3m 7500 series half mask bayou services safety supply this time, cute n95 masks other strange bees have launched an attack again.This time, there are more than a dozen strange bees that hit his field, and this time the monsters are obviously bigger, even their scorpions are weird red Ye Han has read the relevant information from the memory of the man who was killed before.This is a kind of empty beast named Ice Devil. This kind of strange animal gives people a terrible feeling.Even if it is constantly attacking, this thing will not be killed.Because human coronavirus sars there ar. e ice devils, there must be millions of groups.Once one is attacked, the last one Millions of bee colonies will

flock to know that killing the murderer The tyrannical scent radiated from the body of the blame, and they all attacked Ye Han without mercy.A strange bee hits into the field of Ye Han one after another.In the blink of an eye, the field that Ye Han has just formed has been extremely shocked.The strange bees that are constantly coming from outside are like crazy.The same, madly hit. The knives of Ye Han s body are continually fluctuating, but they still cannot catch up with the attacking power of the blame bee.The rushing sound of the air broke out, and thousands of strange bees took turns, and Ye Han just insisted for a moment, and the field could not keep his safety.Among these attacks, there is a force of law. His whole body trembled, and it was hard to keep his field anymore.puff When he opened his mouth, it was a spurt of blood, but the moment when the blood spurted out, it was frozen by the ice and turned into a blood clot that flew out of the distance.And those strange bees are in the moment of broken fields, attacked the face of Ye Han, and the cold mans are

coming.Seeing the cold spurts from the tails of several blame bees dust mask smoke filter will fall on Ye Han s body, and the cold eyes in the eyes of the cold eyes flashed, loudly vio.lently Tianwei boom Ye Hanmei n95 mask vs p95 s heart, a group of golden Huaguang suddenly flashed, an inexplicable terrorist force comfy mask elastic strap dust radiated from his body.Mixed with the power of anger and tyranny, like the ripples that spread out, and all the strange bees are turned into ashes.This force instantly wiped out all the strange bees around north 5500 series half mask respirator parts Ye Han, and the power was not reduced.Continue to swept the square and wiped out all the monsters.call Seeing the immediate crisis, he took a deep breath and immediately took a sigh of relief Fortunately, these guys are just attacking with a hint of mana, not a real imperial powerhouse.Otherwise, even respirator cartridge color code chart if it is only a pseudo level, so thousands.Tens of thousands of sieges can also kill me alive.For the sake of safety, Ye Han re released the field.Then, he began to mobilize the spirit while exploring the surroundings, while collecting the white beads falling from the ground.The white crystals o