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Face Mask ll begin to read the rules of the Qianlong Festival, Wu Zhongtian said.Saying, there is a golden list in his hand, and the Face Mask single appearance of the gold list is suspended in the air.Simultaneously bang A terrible power suddenly appeared Many people in the room suddenly changed their Face Mask faces, only felt a Face Mask sigh of the chest, and even those Face Mask who were inferior had a cold sweat on their foreheads.Because of that momentum, it turned out to be the breath of the imperial powerhouse.Ye Han looked at the uncomfortable emperor Xin Xin and others, especially Lin Zhirong.They have not Face Mask broken through the king s level. They are very uncomfortable.Their legs are constantly shaking and they are almost on the ground.Ye Han quickly opened up his own field and helped them withstand the pressure, which made them feel better.Later, Ye Han looked around and found that the people present were not so uncomfortable.He himself was naturally one of them, and the young man and the woman on the.stage did not receive much influence. In addition, he found that under the temperament of this terrible imperial powerhouse, there were two other unaffected co

ntestants, one was dressed in white, and the other was dressed.Black gauze, a woman with a black scarf on her face.What surprised him even more is that the Face Mask cultivation of these two men is only gold dust locations majoras mask 3ds a second order king, and one is only a third order king.Obviously, the strength of these two people is by no means simple.Like Face Mask him, he can t measure it according to the surface.When Ye Han looked Face Mask at the two, the two of them also looked at Ye Han, and his face also showed a strange color.Ye Han nodded politely. The man also nodded and are face masks useful when sick responded.The woman s attitude was not very good. She just snorted and went over.Ye Han ski mask for kids touched half mask respirator for painting his nose and didn t care. In his heart, he sighed that the world was really Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, and he also left more eyes on these n95 respirator for burning man two people.Chapter 624 begins You are all right. Ye Han asked everyone around him, and everyone s face was a little white.He subconsciously looked back and found Face Mask that only Lin Yaner, like him, had not been affected by the atmosphere of the imperial powerhouse.Ye Han couldn t Face Mask Face Mask help but sneak a sneak peek at the smoke of the same talent.When I first met, Ye Han saw.

Face Mask

that Face Mask Lin Yaner s cultivation at this time had reached the level of the king, and Ye Han also felt that her breath was very calm, without any slight frivolity.The speed of this kind Face Mask of progress is really staggering.You must know that Lin Yaner does not have the same purple dynasty Face Mask dynasty Speaking of Lin Yaner s talent Face Mask is actually not lower than Ye Han, but her opportunity and other aspects are slightly inferior to Ye Han, so repair is only slightly behind and Ye Han.Of course, the real strength of Lin Yaner also caught up, even Ye Han felt that he was no worse than himself.For Ye Han s eyes, Lin Yaner just blinked at Face Mask him with a smile.Ye Han saw that she couldn t help but want to reach out to her head, but she was opened.She doesn t seem to want to be too intimate in front of everyone.However, this scene fell in the eyes of Di Xin Xin, still let him could not help but grin.Emperor Xinchen pulled the clothes of La Di Xin Xin and whispered Face Mask Sister, brother in law must let people steal, how are you so calm Emperor Xin Xin had the urge to run away.He immediately tapped on his head and lowered his voice and said, Don t talk,

I am not the kind of dust mask p relationship with Ye Han.It seems that she did not talk to Emperor Xinchen that she and Ye Han are related.It has only been seen for a f. Face Mask ew years.How can this little guy make up for this However, Emperor Xinchen just Face Mask licked his mouth and whispered I don t care, anyway, I think that Ye Big Brother and my the nurse wears a nioshapproved respirator when administering sister are very good, I want him to be my brother in law.Emperor Xin can t help but turn his eyes n95 mask ok for latex paint dare to love this kid, he still wants to hurry and get married.You little devil, what do you know, don t talk nonsensely Di Xin Xin quickly and seriously voiced warnings.She is really worried that Emperor Xinchen will chinese black face mask how long do i leave it on run to the front of Lin Yaner and talk about it.When it happens, it will cause trouble. However, how often can i do a face mask I don t know why, when I saw Ye Han and Lin Face Mask Yaner together, there was some loss in the heart of Emperor Xin s heart, Face Mask but she did not admit it.Ye Han and Lin Yaner did not care about the reaction of their two brothers and sisters, because they communicated in secret.Smoke, for the sake of Face Mask safety, in Face Mask this game, less than a million, Face Mask as far as possible, do Face Mask not use Ziwei Zhenzhen Ye Han Chuan sai