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Facemask et esoteric, and even more, the valley still has hidden fans.Array Facemask This made Ye Han s heart feel a little dignified.He can not care, he is Facemask rumored Facemask by his formation, and he does not believe that there is any confusion that can trap him.However, Facemask the powerful secret technique that the other party said makes him have to be jealous.Although he is confident tha. t he can protect himself, but to protect Yin Tianming, so many people have more than enough energy, he does not want to be able to develop the power on Facemask this Tianwei Hao soil has not come in handy, actually was So ruined.Ye Han quickly succumbed to death, and his mind flashed, and immediately passed the voice to the elders.He asked There is no trace of where the three people usually retreat.The three occult elders usually live in the back mountain, in the north of the Sun and Moon Valley.The elders did not know what Ye Han wanted to do, but immediately respectfully responded.As a member of Yunweiyi, he can t afford any resistance to Ye Han, and he has questions about Ye Han.Wen Yan, Ye Han immediately extended the spiritual

consciousness to the north.Soon, Ye Han s spiritual knowledge came to a white mountain peak.The mountain was surrounded by a faint cloud, which looked very mysterious.Although the three people who have been imprinted have been staring at Ye Han tightly, the spiritual knowledge has Facemask been locked in him, Facemask but they have not found the knowledge of Ye full face respirator large Han, and n95 respirator fitting they do not know that Ye Hanzheng secretly explored their nest.Ye Han s spiritual knowledge quickly covered the entire mountain, Facemask and soon found a hidden cave.It Facemask seems that this is the retreat of the three old goods.However, Ye Han respirator mask for virus found that there was a complicated.array of caves at the entrance to the cave to hinder his spiritual knowledge.Of course, Facemask this is Facemask not a coronavirus sinisitus hindrance for him. With the strength of Ye Han Facemask s soul, for a short time, Ye Han has found the weak link of the formation, sport face masks and Ye Han is also very simple and rude to directly destroy this formation.Drop it. There were still some fears that after destroying the formation, they would have noticed it without any traces, but saw that the three people had no change, and


Ye Han knew that the three had not found it.In this case, Ye Han s spiritual knowledge will infiltrate into the cave directly.Within his spiritual perception, the aura in this cave is very rich, and it is indeed a good place to cultivate.There are three jade platforms in the center of the Facemask three caves.There is a futon on each of the jade platforms. The futons are Facemask faint.The white light, at a glance, knows that it is not something.On the four walls of the cave are rows of bookshelves with a book on it, which is a collection of secrets in the Sun and Moon Valley.However, I don t care about these leaves, Facemask he knows that with the temperament of these three homes, it is impossible Facemask to place such important secrets on the bookshelf.Ye Han s spiritual knowledge covered the entire cave, looking back and forth several times, Facemask but he did not find what he was looking for.Strange, isn t Facemask it. here Ye Han thought.However, just as he was about to withdraw his spiritual knowledge and prepare to explore the rest of the Valley of the Spirit, he suddenly noticed a very inconspicuous stone sculpture ab

ove the exit of the cave.The stone carving is only a palm sized sculpture that has been a strange creature, like a wolf.Ye Han mouth corner hook, here is the most obvious place, but also the most easily Facemask overlooked place, Ye Han just ignored the existence of this stone sculpture, at this time he suddenly felt that how to choose the correct respirator the stone carving Facemask kitty dust mask shipped from uk set here must be a problem.Ye Han s spiritual knowledge quickly covered this stone sculpture, and soon found that Facemask there was another kind of stone carving Facemask in the stone carving.This complicated what kind of respirator do i use for smoke array of methods was arranged, and Ye Han s dust mask that wont fog glasses spiritual knowledge could not enter.Ye Han s sephora collection face masks heart Facemask moved, and he released a yin and yang atmosphere.At this moment, the eyes of the stone sculpture suddenly opened, and his eyes Facemask braved red light.Later, Ye Han felt that the body of the stone sculpture had a suction, and Ye Facemask Han s spiritual knowledge was sucked in and came to a strange space.Chapter