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Facial Mask led look.I saw Jiang Hong with a Facial Mask smile and looked at Ye Han.You don t have to compare. We have Facial Mask decided to accept you as Facial Mask a disciple, so don Facial Mask t waste Facial Mask time.Upon hearing this, the residents of the city of Bishan around each other face each other.Fang Shijie on the rostrum couldn t help but stand up and shouted Jiang Hong, you are enough Not only him, but even Zhou Yun feels very uncomfortable at the moment.It took a long time Facial Mask for Bixi City to take a martial test.As a result, Jiang Hong said that there is no need to com.pare it. The champion runner up is not clear.If he goes out, where is the face of his city owner In their unhappy eyes, Jiang Hong gave them a very calm look, and immediately, he took out the Cangsheng order again.Cangshengguan is now in a hurry, we have no martial arts to do any martial arts here.Jiang Hong held a high order, and Huaguang flashed.He announced in a loud voice For the sake of the world, I declared it as the holder of the Cangsheng, and the military test ended here.The champion is Lin Biao. In the face of the Cangsheng order, it is Facial Mask difficult for everyone to give birth to the idea of resistance, and even the impulse to worship.

Facial Mask Even Zhou Yun and others, at this moment, depressed again, do not dare to tuberculosis precautions n95 speak.Ye Han, a female disciple of a martial arts school, looked at Jiang Hong with eyes full of will a p100 filter be better than an n95 worship.At the same time, she said to Ye Han Lin Shidi, Jiang Shixiong is really good for you, and you are not guilty of a city for you.You will be Have to remember today Hearing this, Ye Han just snorted and said If I am just a normal boy, I might be deceived by this trick, and Facial Mask even I will be so excited.Since then, I have been grateful to him, but unfortunately, I Not He stared at Jiang Hong, his eyes squinting in the eyes, but it was analyzing that Jiang Hong was trying to get closer Facial Mask to his relationship, what he wanted to get f.rom him. Or, is this Jiang cool face masks for sale Hong the same as Guo Xiang who has already died, knowing what One hundred and m n95 respirator thirty one chapter gambling There is no osomatsu cartoon face masks love for no reason, no hate for no Facial Mask reason Ye Han and Jiang Hongsu were not masked.He did not believe that the other party would be so good to himself just because he Facial Mask showed Facial Mask some talent.Of course, in addition to speculation, he did not reject the other party s kindness.In fact, Facial Mask he did not want to play against no name

Facial Mask

. After all, he already knew that it was a pit dug by Fang Shijie.Although he did not know how deep it was, he did not want to jump inwardly.However, he has no opinions, but others have very opinions.Just after Jiang Hong s voice Facial Mask fell, on the rostrum, Fang Shijie, who Facial Mask had been suppressed by the Cangsheng, almost surrendered, suddenly shouted Jiang Hong, don t think that you only have a courage order Ok Jiang Hong heard a sudden change in his face, and everyone else was stunned.They immediately turned around and looked at Fang Shijie.Immediately, they saw Fang Shijie straight up and looked proud, Facial Mask and the hand held in his hand was a token, almost exactly the same as Jiang Hong.This situation is obviously beyond everyone s expectations.In particular, Jiang Hong, originally thought that Facial Mask after taking out the Cangsheng order, even if Fang Shijie was reluctant, they could only obey t.he words. Otherwise, they Facial Mask would not be able to participate in the guardianship of Cangshengguan, and they Facial Mask would not be Facial Mask able to obtain the merits.After returning to the division, they might have to Suffered the punishment of the teacher However, Jiang Hong never imagined that Fan

g Shijie had a Cangsheng order in his hands.When Jiang Hong s sharp eyes swept over the four weeks, he found that there were already a few more people near the podium, and he was watching Facial Mask the disciples of the Qingyun School.This time, he finally realized that he Facial Mask had not seen Facial Mask the disciples of other theaters.Only Xiao Jie and Fang Shijie stood on the stage. Jiang Hong s face is more and more ugly, but the fresh air respirator system what happens when you remove a face mask do you wash your face smile on Fang Shijie s face is more and more brilliant.He laughed loudly and said I have long guessed that you have is a 3m 8710 an n95 respirator not acted.It may be that there is any special means to prepare for respirator when using staining a sudden blow at the last moment of this martial test.So, let the younger brothers and sisters return to the division in the morning.If you don t, you really want to succeed today. Surrounded by silence again, Jiang Hong and Fang Shijie specially fitted mask of n95 looked Facial Mask at each other in a distant Facial Mask view.The original crowd between the two of them had Facial Mask already dispersed, and they were afraid of being detained.Looking coldly at Fang Shijie, Jiang Hong quickly returned to calmness and said slowly Even if you have a.courage and how you and I are just sitting on the same level, you will forget, on the identi Facial Mask