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Procedural e demon, and suddenly trembled.A portal appeared in front of themHe was carrying a lot of demon strongmen, so he passed through the portal and disappeared.Everyone in the room looked at each other, especially if they didn t know what the so called Shouyi was.It was even more difficult to know what was going on.How did the demon Prince Procedural of the Yaozu suddenly take people away In Niu Shan s eyes, there was a flash Procedural of fine mans, and he snorted It looks like he wants to go out and protect the life.Listen to him saying Procedural this, on the other side, the four emperors Ye Hao also finally remembered what Shouyi is, and his face could not help but change.Immediately, he did not hesitate to take out a golden crystal of the crystal, which turned out to be Procedural a precious five character transmission, and used it directly to leave the pagoda.Although Jiang Yuntao and the virtual volley have reacted slowly, they don t even know what Shouyi is.However, they all realize that there are absolutely more things outside this place Procedural that will happen, and Procedural they will all show their magical powers.I left this heavy tower in advance. On the contrary, Niu Shan di

d not ask Ye Han a few words, and immediately said If this matter is Procedural verified, whether we can stop the Yaozu, you are once again making great efforts, I can at least apply to the War Hall.You will be promoted to the 4th. and 5th Procedural level Procedural fighters, and you will wait to accept the reward.Chapter 404 stealing inheritance I am going to go directly to the 4th or 5th level fighters.Isn t it equivalent to getting tens of millions of battles at once The illusion could not help but exclaimed.With the means of volatility, he could only leave by himself, so he still stayed in this does 3m dust masks n95 take out wildfire smoke 3m particulate mask space.Moreover, he has not fully understood what is the situation now.Therefore, at this moment, he looked at Niu Shan with an incredible look.He said A message is worth tens of millions of battles, Procedural and it will not be comparable to the four treasures.However, considering the reaction of his father and Procedural other people, he felt that even if it was really a four pronged treasure, it was not so strange.But Procedural if not, disposable cpap face mask that is strange. Niu Shan paid sick leave during coronavirus just looked at the illusion Procedural and smiled and said For those who n95 nioshapproved respirator need it, even more precious than any of the four treasures.It was s


aid that everyone in the room had become more difficult to breathe, and they showed their envy of Ye Han.At this time, Niushan s hand emerged as a quaint arched portal, which opened a light door directly from the portal, and also left Yang Qian and others directly.The rest of the people have looked at Ye Han, and the illusion is directly to Ye Han Other troubles, you have.to make a transmission array, send me out to see Chen Procedural Sizhen and several people in Lanyue Valley also looked forward to Procedural Ye Han with full expectation.Obviously, they also want to leave here and go out to see, but there are Procedural no treasures that can be forcibly broken in other camps, especially with so many Procedural people leaving.Originally, it is reasonable to say that the strength of Lanyue Valley is only slightly inferior to the Qingyun School.The sects of the Procedural sects are much deeper than those of the Yunyun Mountain Villa.However, this action Lan Yue Gu is not too much attention, just sent out.Some elders, as well as Chen Sizhen, who is one of the twelve saints in the valley, did not consider that there would be such a situation that they could not be transmitted, so

there was no prior preparation, which would have caused the Procedural situation.You all want to go out. Ye Han looks a little weird.You have to think about Procedural it. what disease would you have if you wore a n95 respirator You can t Procedural come in after you go out, but it Procedural s dangerous full face hospital mask disposable now.You can see the excitement when you go Procedural out. Ye Han reminded them so much because of the reason why they were regarded as friends in their hearts.However, after being reminded, imaginary and breathe healthy antimicrobial dust mask Chen Sizhen and others all said that they would go out.Nowadays, the secrets of grateful dead custom dust mask this heavy tower are probably known.They disposable mask for welding naturall. y know that when they leave, the things here are Procedural basically Procedural the things in Ye Han s bag.However, the dispute o